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About Stacey

My Name is Stacey Horn

I’m a retired Psychotherapist, a Consulting Hypnotist, Teacher & Self Compassion Coach. How I help now, is very different than what it used to look like. In hindsight, what I  know now, is that we do what we’re ready to do, change or learn- nothing less, nothing more. I personally believe it to be Divine timing-everything happens when it’s supposed to happen. I choose to Believe that’s part of the magic that happens when the Universe conspires for our highest good. If we’ve been connected at this point in time and space- it’s an invitation for change.

I can tell you how & where I’ve been educated- I received a Bachelors in Speech Communications at Baldwin Wallace College in Berea Ohio in 1985. I completed a Masters Degree in Social Services Administration at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio- 1991.

I could tell you all of the training, techniques, & certifications I’ve completed- (Reality Therapies, Solution Focused Therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Hypnosis for Birth & so many more.)

However- the  foundation of my work lies in Transformational Hypnosis and in InnerKinetics®  by Ray W Lincoln.

What I know, is that no one really makes a decision like where to get help- based upon education & certifications alone. However, It may be the bit of information that confirms what your gut is already telling you- that perhaps, I can help you make the changes you’re looking to make.

This is where The Deeper Connections begin- with Self Acceptance & Self Compassion.

If you are still reading, you might be looking to understand yourself and/or to make some changes in your life that are important to you. Can you imagine what you will do when you aren’t doubting or second guessing yourself? I believe you can find a new freedom- to be who you’ve always been. If you are looking to make the deeper connections in your life, understanding your InnerKinetics® offers a life-changing understanding of yourself, which transforms all relationships & personal goals.

A wise man I once knew talked about how he worked with people. He described it as “walking together on the path”. Thirty plus years later, I am still grateful for what I learned about myself while we walked together.

You have the choice to decide what you believe about yourself and what’s possible in your life- from today forward.

  • Thoughts become things – Choose wisely what you tell yourself.

If you’d like to walk together on the path together for a while,                                              please give me a call at 615-420-7222 or email me at stacey@hypnosisawakenings.com        and let me know what you would like to have different in your life!


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