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About Stacey

My Name is Stacey Horn

I’m a retired Psychotherapist, a Hypnotic Worker, Teacher & Self Compassion Coach.

I specialize in helping Introverts to be seen in a way that both protects & Enhances their connection  with self and others. This means discovering their superpowers and connect with their intuition so they move with more Ease in the extroverted world.

These “unprecedented times” we’ve been experiencing through Covid19, are increasing awareness that “doing what we’ve always done”- no longer works. Finding the ways of being in our lives that bring us fulfillment- in our relationships as well as our work lives, is taking a new priority. Recognizing our unique strengths, experiences, and contributions is a necessity to going forward in the new world.

You might be looking to understand yourself and/or to make some changes in your life that are important to you. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that helps with those changes that need to be made at the unconscious levels, because “trying to make them” just hasn’t worked.

You might be looking to understand others in your life- partners, children, friends. You  possibly may wish to understand relationships in your work life- your boss, coworkers or employees.

If you are looking to make the deeper connections in your life, understanding your InnerKinetics® offers a life-changing understanding of yourself, transforming all relationships & personal goals.

The foundation of my work lies in Transformational Hypnosis and in InnerKinetics®  by Ray W Lincoln. InnerKinetics® explains your motivations, your decision making and so much more.

Find Your Inner Design


This is where The Deeper Connections begin- with Self Acceptance & Self Compassion.

I can tell you how & where I’ve been educated- I received a Bachelors in Speech Communications at Baldwin Wallace College in Berea Ohio in 1985. I completed a Masters Degree in Social Services Administration at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio- 1991.

I could tell you all of the training, techniques, & certifications I’ve completed- (Reality Therapies, Solution Focused Therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Hypnosis for Birth & so many more.)

What I know, is that no one really makes a decision like where to get help- based upon education & certifications alone. It comes down to your inner knowing if this is the right step for you or not.

You have the choice to decide what you believe about yourself and what’s possible in your life- from today forward.    Thoughts become things – Choose well what you tell yourself.

A wise man I once knew talked about how he worked with people. He described it as “walking together on the path”. Thirty plus years later, I am still grateful for what I learned about myself while we walked together.

If you’d like to walk together for a while on the path..

Lets Go Deeper

Call (615) 450-1004

Truly & Deeply,


Shift Happens…