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Who is Stacey

My Name is Stacey Horn

I’ve been a Hypnotist for 16 years, and have had the privilege to help thousands of clients make the changes they were ready to make. I also regularly use Hypnosis personally- to experience a painless birth, release tobacco from my life and continue to use it to experience painless dental work and change negative! thoughts.

If you’re reading this now, you’re either curious or considering what might change in your life with Hypnosis. I’d love to answer any questions you might have!

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How I Help.

I have a unique process which helps me- help my clients have success. If you’ve been trying to make changes, and haven’t yet- had the success you want, I’d love to talk with you more about what has worked and what that “success” will look like.

What I do differently than other Hypnotists is that I help you understand your own “operating system.”  We both use this information to dig a bit deeper & clarify what Truly motivates you for change. (It may not be what you thought it was!) In other words, even if you’ve used Hypnosis before, my work is different than other professionals. 

What I’ve seen, is that clients experience a “Shift” in other areas of their lives as a result of this new information about themselves. Often, success with Hypnosis allows people to see other areas in their lives where they would like to have changes.

For those change-oriented individuals, I can offer personal development coaching.  Together, we can uncover the ways that help you go forward in ways that genuinely fit for you. I specialize in working with those quieter people, some who consider themselves to be Introverted- and restore their energy through quiet time alone. If you’re curious what that might be The Deeper Connections will hopefully answer those questions!

We’ll start with who You are

The foundation of my work lies in Transformational Hypnosis and in InnerKinetics®  by Ray W Lincoln. InnerKinetics® explains your motivations, your decision making and so much more.

Understanding your InnerKinetics® offers a life-changing understanding of yourself, transforming all relationships & personal goals.

This is where The Deeper Connections begin- with Self Acceptance & Self Compassion.

I help with Hypnosis, which is a wonderful tool that helps make changes at the unconscious levels, because “trying to make them” just hasn’t worked. Regularly using Hypnosis myself, I know the power of hypnosis and love helping others explore how it will help them!

Find Your Inner Design


Help, Life Coach, Hypnotist
Life Coach, Hypnotist

My Helping Journey

I’ve been a Psychotherapist, a Hypnotic Worker, Teacher & Self Compassion Coach. I am also a Spouse, a Mom, and INFJ- and if you don’t know what that means- we can safely start with I’m very much of an Introvert, tuned into my Intuition & how strongly I feel about something influences my decisions.

If you are curious about how & where I’ve been educated- I received a Bachelors in Speech Communications at Baldwin Wallace College in Berea Ohio in 1985. Later, I completed a Masters Degree in Social Services Administration at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio- 1991.

What I know, is that no one really makes a decision like where to get help- based upon education & certifications alone.

It comes down to your inner knowing if this is the right step for you or not. If you have been ignoring that,

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Truly & Deeply,


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